PRP - Daily Driver Seat

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Customize your Jeep with stylish PRP seats

Product Description

  • We can customize these PRP seats to whatever color combination you want!
  • With comfort and style, these accessories for Jeeps will make riding rough roads softer.
  • These PRP seats are made to make getting into your Jeep easier while still providing support.

The lower sides on the PRP seats provide easier entry and exit into your lifted vehicle, while still providing great hip and shoulder containment. A taller backrest and a bent headrest for standard cab pickups, this is the perfect seat for your truck or jeep. To add a personal touch to your Jeep, we can customize the colors so match your style.

  • 33” Tall x 22” Wide x 26″ Deep
  • Mounting Area: 14″ Wide X 18″ Front to Back