Jeep Wrangler 52 Inch Single Row LED Lightbar with Pillar Mount and 2x 4 Inch Pods

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Product Description

Equip your Jeep with 52 inch light bar for superior lighting

  • Whatever the weather on your adventure, you will be confident with these accessories for Jeeps.
  • Add a 52 inch light bar for style, fierce lighting, and better vision.
  • This Jeep LED bar is easy to install.

Give your off-roading adventure some excitement and don’t worry about not being able to see far ahead of you. The Jeep LED bar provides superior lighting and an intense brightness no matter the weather or how dark the night is. The 52-inch light bar kit comes with everything you need to travel in the brightest light. Included is two, 2x4 inch pods and pillar mount, all made for the Jeep JK 2007 to 2017. Find all of the accessories for Jeeps you need for a great adventure.

  • 52 Inch Single Row LED Light Bar
  • Pillar Mount
  • 2 x 4 Inch Pods for JK (2007-2017)