HornBlasters - Outlaw 127H Black Train Horn Kit

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The lowest priced complete train horn kit, the Black Outlaw 127H, is not a train horn kit to be underestimated. We built this kit for the value shopper; that said, we didn’t over look any of the features that make our horn kits the best on the market. This horn kit features a fast filling 120 PSI air system, a loud Outlaw 3000 train horn, and all the fitting and wiring accessories you’ll need.



If you're looking for something loud that won't burn a whole in your wallet, this is the kit you need. This kit beats all other train horn kits in its price range. Not only does it provide an all-inclusive train horn system, including D.O.T. 200 PSI rated air line, all the electrical parts, wire, and fittings you'll need, but you also get a one year warranty on the included Viair air source unit. Unlike cheap no-name air supplies, this 1.5 gallon (5.7 liter) Viair unit is reliable, efficient, and covered by warranty. Don't gamble with your investment; buy a train horn kit that exceeds your expecatations!(Note: Tank mounted air compressors are not fully sealed.  For this reason, the manufacturer recommends the tank/compressor system be mounted in the upright position in an enclosed space away from moisture, dirt, debris, etc...)


  1. Heavy Duty Black Finish Train Air Horns
  2. 120 PSI Air System
  3. All-inclusive Train Horn Kit
  4. Max Honk Time: 3 to 5 Seconds


  1. Outlaw 3000 Black Train Horn
  2. HornBlasters 127H Air Source Unit
  3. 10ft of 1/2" D.O.T. Airline
  4. 18ft 12ga Hookup Wire
  5. Wiring & Plumbing Kit
  6. Mounting Hardware
  7. Earplugs
  8. Detailed Instructions


  1. Part Number: HK-C3B-127H
  2. Horn: HornBlasters Black Outlaw Train Horn
  3. Horn Length: 18.5″ (469.9 mm)
  4. Horn Width: 15.5″ (393.7 mm)
  5. Horn Height: 12.5″ (317.5 mm)
  6. Horn Weight: 15 lb (6.8 Kg)
  7. Horn Fitting: 1/2" Tube
  8. Air Source Unit: HornBlasters 127H
  9. Working Pressure: 120 PSI
  10. Air Source Length: 15.0″ (381 mm)
  11. Air Source Width: 6.0″ (152.4 mm)
  12. Air Source Height: 13.0″ (330.2 mm)
  13. Air Source Weight: 13.75 lb (6.24 Kg)
  14. Air Source Kit Tank: Viair 1.5 Gallon 4 Port Tank
  15. Volume: 1.5 gal (6.6 L)
  16. Ports: 4 x ¼″ NPT Ports
  17. Tank Length: 15″ (381 mm)
  18. Tank Width: 6″ (152.4 mm);
  19. Tank Height: 8.5″ (215.9 mm)
  20. Tank Weight: 8.65 lb (3.92 Kg)
  21. Air Source Kit Compressor: Viair 275C Air Compressor
  22. Voltage: 12 volts DC
  23. Max Amperage: 18 amps
  24. Maximum Duty Cycle: 25% @ 100 PSI
  25. Compressor Length: 6.5″ (165.1 mm)
  26. Compressor Width: 3.5″ (88.9 mm)
  27. Compressor Height: 4.5″ (114.3 mm)
  28. Compressor Weight: 5.1 lb (2.31 Kg)



Use this product in a safe and responsible manner, at a distance of at least 100 feet from others.

Proper Hearing protection must be worn when using this air horn. Hearing loss or permanent damage may result from unsafe use.

Never operate this product in a closed environment or close to pedestrians or others.

It is the consumer's responsibility to comply with local noise ordinances and D.O.T. sound level laws.


This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer.