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The GenRight ELITE Coil Over Long Arm & Long Travel Suspension "System" for the Jeep Wrangler JK 4 door (fits 2007 to present).


Introduced in November 2013, this 3rd generation kit has outboard mounted rear shock towers and the kit comes in pre-welded sub assemblies which cut install time in half. 

American Made, it offers the highest performance and best ride quality on and off-road. In 2014 the GenRight Terremoto (equipped with this suspension) was featured in Crawl, Off Road Adventures, DUB and on the cover of JP Magazines.

Their founder, Tony Pellegrino insists on superior off-road performance. This was a challenge since the 4 door is a long (and vulnerable) wheelbase vehicle… So he brought to market an unprecedented completely FLAT belly system that has the lower control arms tucked into the middle for protection from trail hazards (by using our unique rear mounted fuel tank). Combine that with up to a 3.0" diameter coil over shocks and you have the ultimate combination... a no compromise suspension for your JK!


Unlike other kits on the market, this suspension system is designed to provide a smooth non-binding movement through the entire stroke of the suspensions travel (aka: articulation). We worked with the original factory Jeep CAD files to design this system and place the shocks in the optimal position to provide your vehicle the best articulation and dampening control for the best and most balanced ride. SEE VIDEO Yes, this package, replaces the entire Front and Rear suspension on your Jeep (JK) with the best components on the market and does it right for the last time!


Another hidden feature is that the control arms are NOT connected to the center transfer case skid plate either (most other long arm kits are). This simple feature makes access to servicing the transmission, transfer case, drive shafts and exhaust much easier.
As you can see from the price this is no "bolt-on" kit! This suspension is welded to the frame and replaces all the cheesy factory brackets and mounts with new heavy duty 1/4" thick laser cut mounts! Now, in a single click you get all of our best suspension components to convert your Jeep to coil overs!
Yes, they have made every upgrade you could want so your Jeep can be the best in class on and off-road!


  • (1) Front 3 link Suspension Kit
  • (1) Rear Double Triangulated 4 link Suspension Kit
  • (14) Genuine Currie Johnny Joints with 1-1/4" shanks (left & righthand thread) for adjustibility
  • (1) Front Coil over shock mounting kit
  • (1) Rear Coil over shock mounting kit (including new rear cross member)
  • (4) Bump Can Mounts (King Shock style)
  • (1) Universal Transmission Mount
  • (4) Axle limit straps, quad wrap (SLSQ16)
  • (1) 3/8" 6061-T6 Aluminum Flat Belly Skid Plate
  • (4) King 2.5" Coil Over Shocks w/ Remote Reservoir and Springs (but IBP's are optional)
  • (4) Urethane Bump Stops (but King 2.0" Hydraulic Air Bumps are optional)
  • (1) Hi Clearance 20 Gallon GenRight Gas Tank w/ Skid (but 33 gallon is optional)
  • (1) Front Upper Control Arm Mounts (Axle Side)
  • (1) Rear Upper Control Arm Mounts (Axle Side)
  • (2) Rear Shock Tower Covers
  • (1) Set of all necessary Grade 8 mounting hardware
  • (1) Set of detailed installation instructions

This ELITE kit is the equivalent of a 3 to 4" lift. It is recommended for Jeep JK's with up to 42" tall tires (requires non-stock axles). You will want to push your front axle forward approx. 2 - 3" as you go up in tire size.

All the kit pieces are made from heavy duty materials that have been proven on and off-road for years..

For more detail on the individual kit contents click on the hyperlinked part number after each item above.

This kit was designed in Solidworks with Currie Rock Jock 60 or 70 front & rear axles. The rotated diff covers to provide for a lower ride height and more up travel. We order these axles from Currie built to the GenRight specification (width, pinion angles, upper control arm mounts, diff covers and castor) to utilize the full potential of this kit! Clearances were designed for less than 1/16" between the moving components. The rear axle is Full Float style hub.
To install this kit will require cutting and welding.
The kit will also require some minor cutting of the inner fender wells to accommodate your out board shocks and tires.
This kit requires removal of the factory fuel tank and switching to the GenRight JK tank (GST-8002-2) which is mounted behind the rear axle (under the vehicle).
This kit will require modifying the exhaust in several locations.
The kit is not compatible with body lifts; we do not recommend a body lift on a JK.
ALL options on this page are already discounted as a package!
This kit is designed to retain the factory steering box location. We always recommend upgrading to Hydro Assist steering with 37" or bigger tires!
Changing the tire size and gears will require recalibration of the factory Jeep computer (about $129).

Once you have placed your order online, a GenRight staff member will contact you to discuss the specifics of your build to tailor the shocks and various other part options to best suit your intended use.
If you choose to use non recommended parts (i.e. Axles, Steering, etc.) we can not tech support your install.
This system (1st generation) was introduced at the SEMA show November of 2011, today they are selling their 3rd generation kit.

It was then featured in CRAWL magazine and June 2012 issue of 4 Wheel Drive magazine because it is designed to convert your Jeep from a nice trail rig to an AWESOME rig that works great on and off road (what some call dual sport)!